Lyrics for When You Never Said Goodbye

Song copyright (c) 2016 by Meg Kearney and Chris Little. Recording copyright (c) Colin McCaffrey. All rights reserved. Credits: Meg Kearney, lyrics; Chris Little, melody & guitar; Beth Grosart, vocals; Colin McCaffrey, fiddle & sound production.

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lyrics by Meg Kearney


Had that dream again of asters
and black birds—you like a page torn—
just outside my door.
The wind stirs
and the leaves all let go.
Rushed out to greet you,
your face turned to snow.


Wish I could climb inside
myself, tumble down
             tumble down
to a past I never knew—
maybe I’d reach the day
when maybe you said Be good,
when maybe you said Don’t cry,
when maybe you said
          I love you—
when you never said goodbye


Thought I saw you through a window
one April—there by the gold trees—
turned out you were me.
The wind blows
as though a mother-ghost.
I was still sea-borne
and you were my coast.


Once I met the great wizard
of heart-ache—his mask was the sea—
I pled for his pity.
The wind blurs
then snuffs the star lights out.
There are just some things
it can’t live without.